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Swiss Data Security SA

Swiss Data Security was born from the union of the professional experience in data security and privacy of skilled consultants to allow sound security solutions to reach final users. Our goal is to let personal data security solutions, that are really easy to use, to be used by everyone. Swiss Data Security develops in Switzerland, where data security and personal privacy are enforced by law and where email privacy is granted by the Constitution itself.

At Swiss Data Security, our commitment is to aim to give our customers the best solutions for data security and privacy to let them manage easily and with trust their businesses and activities. These solutions are designed to be easy to use, to manage and to operate.

We are focused on those profesionals that need every day to access their data wherever they are: tax consultants, lawyers financial and management consultants, consultants at large, entrepreneurs, designers, CEOs, webmaster, dentists, doctors and on everyone that deserves the right to protect his own valuable data with the best technology available.