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CRYPTO is the solution for all those that want to protect all their corporate, professional and personal data like passwords, file, docs, design information, marketing and sales data and much more inside of their own computer. CRYPTO will be the data safe for all your data, protected from the eyes of everyone else but you; even form the eye of your co-workers and employees.

CRYPTO: this solution is a comprehensive approach and allows not only to protect data while on your PC but also in transit on the internet via encrypted connections and VOIP phone calls. We use more than one layers of cryptography with different independent algorithms according to the strictiest standards.

CRYPTO includes a complete encrypted operating system: no track of your activity will leave the encrypted disk. CRYPTO comes complete with a suite of tools to allow you to work the same natural way you do now. Add extreme portability (you can move the system from one PC to another in a snap and the PC you use doesn't need to have its own disk).

CRYPTO is the affordable solution for all those who want to protect all their corporate and professional data such as passwords, files, docs, design and marketing data and more in their own PC. Consultancy and training for your taylor-made solution.

CRYPTO is the complete cryptographic solution that can protect your data and your communications: at hand and easy to use.
Your clients will thank you!