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Swiss Data Security : Crypto FAQs

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CRYPTO is the fully encrypted solution (FDE - Full Disk Encryption) that will protect your valuable data and your communications; at hand and easy to use.
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Crypto - FAQs

+ (FAQ 001) Is cryptography legal??
>> Yes, cryptography is legal and it is extensively used as, for example, banks do. It is also used to protect sensitive data such as medical records (as required by the law) and other confidential data.
+ (FAQ 002) Using a brute-force attack, how long would it take to find the cryptographic keys?
>> Launching a brute-force attack using a supercomputer or a net of thousands (millions) of PC, it would take (at least) a few thousand years, maybe some millions years to break encryption.
+ (FAQ 003) Is it possible to use the device without knowing the cryptographic keys?
>> No, it is not.
+ (FAQ 004) Can the device be used by someone other than me?
>> Only if he knows the cryptographic keys.
+ (FAQ 005) How can I know I am the only one to know the cryptographic keys?
>> If you do not tell anyone, you are the only one to know them. During installation, our technicians never ask for the cryptographic keys; you create them and write them personally when required.
+ (FAQ 006) What to do, if the device is lost or stolen?
>> The device cannot be used or decrypted, so you do not need to worry about it; you just need to replace it with a new one.
+ (FAQ 007) How do I backup my data?
>> There is a customized procedure to backup your data according to your spedific needs.
+ (FAQ 008) What is "plausible deniability"?
+ (FAQ 009) Is there a guarantee in case of malfunction or failure?
>> Of course, we reinstall Crypto and restore the encrypted backup.
+ (FAQ 010) Will I leave traces on servers about my activity when I access a website?
>> Of course, everybody does. But your activity cannot be traced back to you.
+ (FAQ 011) Is my position traceable when I use my device?
>> Absolutely no.
+ (FAQ 012) How many data can I store?
>> Using a 64GB USB key, about 50GB.
+ (FAQ 013) What to do if I need to store more than 50GB of data?
>> An external SSD Hard Disk (in sizes of 128/256/512 GB) can be used according to your needs.
+ (FAQ 014) May I use my actual PC?
>> Yes, of course. You just need a free USB port.
+ (FAQ 015) May I use my MacBook?
>> Yes, of course. You just need a free USB port.
+ (FAQ 016) May I use Windows?
>> No. In case of need, we can install a Virtual PC with Windows. Lot of disk space is required.
+ (FAQ 017) May I use Social Networks?
>> No.
+ (FAQ 018) May I make voice phone calls?
>> Yes, but only if you are calling a person that has the same level of protection. Otherwise the call can be tapped.
+ (FAQ 019) May I use Whatsup/Viber/Telegram?
>> Yes, but only if you are texting a person that has the same level of protection. Otherwise the message can be tapped. We strongly suggest Telegram as Instant Messaging system.
+ (FAQ 020) Why the big firms in the Information Technology business did not develop a similar system?
>> They actually did but with much higher costs. These solutions are for big firms only.
+ (FAQ 021) How long does it take to fully install the system?
>> Usually, one day. Nothing is pre-installed because this would mean that you should have to send us your passwords (we do not want this, absolutely).
+ (FAQ 022) Who will teach me to use the system?
>> We do, at the end of installation.
+ (FAQ 023) How much does Crytpo cost?
>> Not so much, cosidering the great job it will do for you.